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ZIN Academy

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Looking to learn how to become the best instructor possible? ZIN Academies, much like the annual ZIN Convention in Orlando, are designed to help you take your career to the next level. Join Beto, local and international presenters and fellow ZIN Members for a fun-filled day of learning, moving, networking and more!

program & schedule

With Your One-day Zin Academy Registration, You’ll Gain Access To:

  • Master Class with Beto
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Puerto Rican Flow Session with Zumba® Jammer Rony Gratereaut
  • Dancehall Mash-up Session with Zumba® Jammers Catherine Chiemelu + LaToya Bufford
  • Hit the Streetz Session with Zumba® Jammer Mauricio Camargo
  • STRONG by Zumba®
  • Networking opportunities with fellow ZIN Members

The ZIN Academy Spain 2018 program will be presented in English with Spanish translations as needed.

March 3, 2018
9:30AM - 11:00AM
Exclusive Beto Master Class
Beto Perez

As Beto himself describes it, a Zumba® Master Class is "a class that is much more than just the usual 'weekly' class. There is something much more phenomenal about the class that makes it special or unique." Here's your chance! Join Beto for a high-energy master class. Bring your mega-watt smile and be ready to dance!

11:15AM - 12:00PM
Keynote Presentation

Join us for an exciting kickoff session that’s both informational and inspirational! Hosted by your local community leaders, this dynamic presentation will cover everything Zumba has planned in your region, plus provide you with invaluable tools to help you reach the next level in your Zumba® career.

12:00PM - 12:30PM
Strong by zumba®

Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

12:45PM - 2:15PM
Hit the Streetz Session
Presented by Zumba® Jammer Mauricio Camargo

Learn about the popularized street dance styles like Passinho, Choke, Moombahton, Trap, Twerk and Electro Flow that are taking over the world! We’ll take a trip to Brazil, Colombia, and the streets of North America as we dive into a subcultural experience that will bring out your Zwag and inner street dancer. In this session, you’ll learn how to master these new fusions of dance inspired by a new wave of music and young urban culture.

2:15PM - 3:00PM
3:00PM - 4:30PM
Dancehall Mash-up Session
Presented by Zumba® Jammers Catherine Chiemelu and LaToya Bufford

Add some Dancehall flava to your Zumba® routine! This low-to-high-impact session combines a variety of moves with strength and core training rhythms of the vibrant and invigorating Jamaican Dancehall music. Learn the history of Dancehall music and dance, as well as movement, foundation, popular moves and a Zumba® formulated dancehall mash-up.

4:45PM - 6:15PM
Puerto Rican Flow Session
Presented by Zumba® Jammer Rony Gratereaut

This new session focuses on typical dances and folklore from Puerto Rico, including salsa, merengue, and reggaeton. It also serves to expose new rhythms such as bomba y plena, trova and Latin house with their own core steps and variations, and how to apply it. Enjoy the complete Caribbean experience!